ABC’s of Disability – B

With the strange moods that I’ve been in lately trying to think of a specific word to focus on for this weeks ABC, was really hard.

There are so many words that I could think of that start with “B” that I could turn around to fit in to my life with a disability.

  • Body – well, it’s pretty obvious where I could go here.  Huh?
  • Beauty – having a disability sometimes makes you stop and see things differently than other people see them.  Sometimes you see the beauty in things that other people are simply in such a hurry they just don’t notice.  Try to notice something Beautiful today.
  • Bath – this can sometimes be very difficult for me.  I love taking baths, but sometimes it’s hard to get in and out of the tub, and sometimes the water actually makes me have a vertigo attack.  But other times, a bath is one of the most wonderful things in the world.  It’s relaxing, it’s warm, it smells nice, and I just feel safe (well most of the time.)….oh and you can have another “B” – Bubbles!
  • Break – I seem to break more things, and since I have a chance of falling, I have to be careful not to break more of me.
  • Books – I love to read and escape in books to help me deal with all of this, but I also like to read as much about my disability as I can and how to get healthier.
  • Bonkers – Yes, being disabled can make you feel Bonkers sometimes.
  • Brilliant – I keep meeting some of the most brilliant people ever!  And I don’t mean my doctors (although some of my doctors are pretty smart.)  Other disabled people I meet are absolutely brilliant! They handle so much, and yet find the time to help others.  I’m often very awed.
  • I think that should bring me back to Bubbles.  We really should take more time to blow bubbles.  They are just silly little things and they make us laugh, (especially if you have a child or a cat).  Or take a nice relaxing bubble bath….oh I think I’ll go and take one of those right now.

I realize this wasn’t a very serious subject this week, but I think I’ve been serious way too much lately.

Oh my, my husband just informed me that I forgot one very important “B”

Booty – It’s very important to remember that just because you are disabled doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting a little booty.  *wink* (sometimes we may have to be a little more inventive, and we may not be able to be as spontaneous as we’d like, but it’s still very important for us to remember that we are still desirable and sexy.  And we need to make sure our loved ones know we feel that way about them too.)

So there you have is my week worth of “B”s.

Anything I forgot that you’d like to add?


2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Disability – B

  1. Susanna

    Having a vertigo attack is as far from sexy as can be :). But I agree, it´s important to be touched and near someone. It´s great medicine and quite nice! So I support your and your husband´s B as in Booty. And I learned a new word in english! 😉


    1. Well, he didn’t mean it during a vertigo attack. But he does think it’s important…to make sure that I feel that I’m still desirable to him during my good days. ; ) And that he sees me as more than just a patient. (something that I fear) I think it’s also important for me to make sure for him to know that I see him as more than just a care giver. It’s very easy for romance to take a very back burner when someone in the marriage gets disabled. (he wanted me to add Booby – as in “I like your boobies.”, but that was just too much!) *now I’m Blushing* Hey! another “B” word!


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