ABC’s of Disability – the letter A

Sunshine and Chaos has started a series of post titled the ABC’s of Disability.  I’ve decided to join her in this endeavor.

Her “A” is for Adversity.  Please visit her blog and read (or actually go to a video to see and listen) to an inspiring post about the positives Adversity can bring someone with a disability.

My letter “A” is for Acknowledgement.

It was very hard for me to acknowledge that I have a disability.  Sometimes, it still is.

I don’t mind being different.  I just don’t want to be dependent.  I must acknowledge that sometimes I need to ask for help, and it’s ok.

I need to acknowledge that I can’t do everything I used to.  I need to acknowledge that people will not think less of me because I can’t do things I used to do.  I need to acknowledge that I can do things in different ways.  I can become a stronger person in different ways.  I can learn more about different things.

I need to acknowledge that yes, I have a disability, but that doesn’t take away from who I am.  I am still Wendy.  Even if I don’t feel like it some days.  (Yes, saying this made me cry.)

The first step in being disabled for me is acknowledging that I am disabled.

I have to stop fighting it every step of the way, and finding ways to adapt my life to make it work with my disability not in spite of it.

I Acknowledge that I am Disabled, but I am still Able to be a viable, worthy, and wanted, person.


One thought on “ABC’s of Disability – the letter A

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Great post.

    I found it very freeing to finally acknowledge I have a disability. It’s so easy to see all the negatives about our illnesses. We sometimes have to remind ourselves about the positives we still have as part of our lives.

    Even if we’re crying as we remind ourselves how wonderful and worthy we still are.



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