Reading other Blogs about Meniere’s Disease

Sandy Exhausted from Playing the Wii while waiting for me to stop reading Blogs.

Yesterday and today I have been catching up on some reading…no not book reading…blog reading.  I decided to search for more blogs about Meniere’s Disease and just see what other people are posting about.

Of course, there really aren’t that many blogs about Meniere’s since there aren’t that many of us, and not all of us decide to write about our experiences.

I found that some people like to write a lot about everything they can find out about Meniere’s.  The latest developments, other diseases that might go along with it….  But most of you are just like me.  We write about how this disease is treating us, and I’ve found that it treats people differently.

The treatments seem to be as varied as the patients.

So many people are so excited about this new vestibular device that is being talked about.  I don’t know why, but I’m not yet.  I just think that it’s too early.  I’m so happy that they are experimenting and studying and doing something positive that may help us some day…but I’m just so miserable right now that it just seems so out of reach for me.

I get such hope from reading other people’s experiences.  Reading that a Meniett Device worked for someone, and a Gent injection worked for someone else.  Others get along pretty well with just a low sodium diet and supplements. Then there is the girl who has a cochlear implant and a service dog…I find her so inspirational.

For the past few days I’ve been living bed to couch again.  I can barely hear, and I feel like an attack is about to start at any moment.  I took a bath tonight and thought I was going to barf in the tub.  My husband rushed in with the Valium and Phenergan, and I got calmed down.  He finished giving me my bath and I crawled into bed.  I’m not complaining.  This is just the facts of my life right now.

My husband talked to Dr. Kaylie yesterday and he said he is going to talk to Dr. Gray about getting me back in to check on the patches.  We are supposed to hear from Dr. Gray by Wednesday.  I’m sure something can be done.  After all, I felt so much better immediately after the blood patch.  I know it can be better.

I’m adding to my list of blogs that I read, please take the time to check some of them out.  You may find a new friend out there.  I know I have.


2 thoughts on “Reading other Blogs about Meniere’s Disease

  1. My name is Robin, and I was diagnosed with Meniere’s in Jan. and have recently had a shunt surgery. Like you, I have started a blog to help me cope with what it has done to my life. I thought it would help me to get to know other sufferers since no one I know understands what I or my family is going through.

    I hope you are doing well since your last post. I hope to hear from you soon! My blogspot can be found at

    Wishing you well,



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