Another Day of Feeling Crappy

I woke up yesterday and my hearing was down.  I thought, well, here we go again.

Today, has been a pretty bad day.

I got up, still can’t hear as well, felt off-balance; and as usual as soon as I woke up I was off to the bathroom, the diarrhea starting all ready.  (I must say though that for the past couple of days things have been better on that front.)  Not today.

I ate breakfast.  Decided I’d look work on some photos on Photoshop.  All of a sudden I had to RUN to the bathroom, and as you may have guessed, I didn’t quite make it.  I’m so grossed out by this.  What if I had been out in public?

Shortly after this I could feel a vertigo attack coming on.  I quickly took some Valium, and Phenergan.  I even decided to not wait and took a Phenergan suppository too.  I tried to stay calm, but this

is driving me crazy.  At least one attack per week, I just want it to end.  I asked Stuart to call Dr. Kaylie’s office and tell him that I am going to kill myself if they don’t do something soon.  Of course, Dr. Kaylie is out of the clinic this week.  I realize that everyone deserves some time off, but why does everyone seem to think that the world stops this time of year?  I am just so miserable, and all of my doctors are on vacation.  *sigh*  I’m sure they will take care of things as soon as they can as soon as they get back.  Yes, I could see the doctor on call, but that really wouldn’t do any good.  He wouldn’t be able to do a spinal tap, or set up surgery.  So I wait…

After a little while the vomiting still hadn’t started, but I was still feeling very bad.  We decided that I would get another suppository, and take another Valium.  I usually don’t take them so close together (it was about an hour and a half since I took the first round.)  But I’m glad I did.  Things really started calming down.  I even feel almost normal now.  Thank goodness.  I’m still a bit off-balance, but nothing I can’t handle.

I’m getting so tired of feeling sick and tired.

I can’t exercise.  I’ve gained so much weight since this diarrhea started.

Look at these two pictures.

Taken at Christmas Party 2010
Taken last year about this time.

Can you see how much weight I’ve gained?  Just look at my face.  I know it’s a little hard to tell in the top picture, but it’s the best one I have of me right now.  I must say, I’m kind of avoiding the camera.  I hate to even look in the mirror.  I gained the majority of this weight in 2 months, when the diarrhea first started.  30+ pounds.

I have enough to worry about without having to worry about this too.  It’s just so depressing.

Don’t worry, I haven’t given up.  I do believe something can be done, but I’m just tired of waiting for that something.


6 thoughts on “Another Day of Feeling Crappy

  1. Lisa Tomey

    Sounds like when I had diverticulitis on a regular basis. I still have episides when I don’t make it in time. HUGE Healing Hugs from someone who cares. Love You Both, Lisa


    1. Lisa,
      Thank you so much for caring about me and Stuart. He is such a love to put up with so much of this.
      They thought I had diverticulitus at one time, but the colonoscopy showed a clean, healthy, colon.
      It’s difficult dealing with both the diarrhea every day, and the Meniere’s. There have been numerous times I’ve had to cancel tests that were set up to check more about a cause for the GI stuff because of a Meniere’s attack.
      I hope the doctors can do more about the Meniere’s soon. Then I can concentrate on the rest.
      I love you too.


  2. Hi Wendy
    this time of year is brutal on us and having no drs around makes it even more stressful,
    you did the right thing by taking the meds quick and almost double dose. As soon as the diarhea hits me I take the meds….. I know the spins will hit next so I medicate in a hurry ! It usually works. To get rid of my “hangover” I took Ativan last night so I could get a good night sleep. That sleep helped so much.
    Try to relax and know we are out here for you.
    ps. My chicken is in the crockpot as I type!


    1. Deb,
      You will have to let me know if you like the Chicken recipe.
      I’m so proud of you for taking on a new challenge – Learning how to cook!
      I hope once you feel more comfortable with it, you will learn to love it.
      One of the biggest thrills I get is having people love my cooking, especially if it’s healthy. So many of my friends eat out most of the time, and really eat crappy, when they eat my meals that were just so easy to make, it often encourages some of them to cook more often. And healthier.

      Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It means a lot.


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