The Spirit of Chirstmas

Charlie Brown Christmas Puzzle

I love the magic that surrounds this time of year.  I wish everyone could feel it.  I’ve been alone on Christmas before and it’s a very sad time.

The Spirit of Christmas to me is in the magic of Giving.

I don’t mean presents here.  I mean giving something of yourself that you don’t normally think of giving.  Donating to your favorite charity, having a friend over to share in your Christmas traditions, surprising someone who isn’t expecting it with just a little something.

I’m not a commercial person.  I hate how Christmas has become a race to see who can get the most expensive, the greatest number of toys.

It is not the gift that counts, it is the spirit in which it is given.

Many people stress being with family on Christmas.  That is very hard on people who aren’t very close to their family, or who don’t have a family.

I’m so glad that I have my very small family.  Stuart and I are just so good together.  Our dear dog Sandy, and our huge cat Max round out our immediate family very well.  As much as my little family means to me, it is the love of my dear friends that continually surprises me.  They are a gift to me.

What I really want for Christmas this year, is the ability to spend more time with my friends this coming year.  Of course, that would mean that I would be feeling better, that would be very nice too.  (I would like for more of my friends to understand that just because I’m having a hard time with my illness, it doesn’t mean I want to be alone all the time.)

May your Christmas be filled with magic.  Make sure that the people you love know it.  It’s very hard not to get so caught up with the business of the season and forget about taking time to reach out to someone in need.

Every year on Christmas Eve we watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  This is a very magical movie that shows us all just how much we affect others without even knowing it.  We should all try to live a good life, because we never know if what we are doing may change someone else’s life forever.

Again, have a very joyous holiday!  May you all feel the magic of the season!


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