Pictures taken during the Blood Patch, for CSF leak.

During the Blood Patch Stuart asked if he could take some pictures.  They said it would be no problem as long as he didn’t show anyone but me, and as long as the screen showing my name wasn’t in any of the pictures.

In this photo you can see me in the CT Scan, they are lining up the next leak to patch.  You can see the screen on the left hand side that shows the pictures from the CT scan.

This photo shows how the CT scan has a laser light that shows them exactly where to put in the needle.

Here’s a better view of the laser light, it’s even shining off of the needle they have placed in my back.

Here you  can see the blood being put in.

This photo is very similar to the previous one, but you can see the needle in this one, and see just how very thin it is.

It’s all over at this point, except for the washing up with the nice warm wash cloths.   You can see where they marked my back, and the puncture marks.  You can’t see that each puncture is raised a bit.  The puncture the lowest on my back, almost out of the picture, is the sorest one.  That’s where they did the pressure test, put in the dye, and then patched that spot.  It’s still a little sore, but really only if I try to over do it.  This was not a hard procedure to go through.  The doctors made sure I was as comfortable as possible.  The pain afterward has not been hard to deal with.  The hardest thing was that I couldn’t get up and cook on Thanksgiving.   I love to cook, and I admit, I love to show that off on Thanksgiving.  : )

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes for going though this procedure.  I’m happy to say that I do think it has done some good.  I’ve been able to close my eyes and shake my head without getting dizzy….That was amazing.  This evening, I’m feeling a little off, but I over did it today.  I was supposed to do very little to nothing for 3 days.  Today, I went with my husband up to a little mall near here…NO we did not go Christmas Shopping.  He needed to look for something at the computer store, then we decided to get some lunch.  Well, I did run in one store and buy a Christmas present, but I had a coupon, and it didn’t take long.

Oh, who am I kidding, by the time we got back to the car and I sat down I was in enough pain that I wanted a pain pill.  (I’m not a big fan of pain pills.)

Still no headaches, no real dizziness (I don’t think I’d really count the fact that I feel a little off this evening, I think I just wore myself out.)  I’m hearing better out of my left ear.  I still can’t hear from my right ear, I still have tinnitus, and I still have that full feeling (mostly in the right ear).

Right now, I’m feeling good about things.


12 thoughts on “Pictures taken during the Blood Patch, for CSF leak.

  1. hey wendy,
    so glad to hear things are going well!! i consider it wonderful news! be sure and take it easy, although i guess the three days have passed by now, ;). i’m still cheering you on and hoping each day brings even more progress for you. thanks so much for taking the time to keep us all posted. it’s so considerate of you to think of us during all of this now go take care of you!



  2. Chrissy

    Very Cool pictures Wendy. Neat to see what’s going on. Glad your feeling better!! I can’t wait til I get to talk on the phone with you again!!*smiles* So exciting to not have the vertigo and headaches! WOW!!


  3. James

    I thought all the leaks were along the spine,the mark on the right of the photo is far away from it.Was a leak patched here as well?

    Thanks so much for posting about this procedure!

    I wish you continued success!


    1. James,
      Sorry, but I can’t answer that. All the marks show where they inserted needles, however, I don’t know how far the needle went in or in what direction.
      I never asked Dr. Gray about that. Perhaps I will next time I talk to her.

      Thank you for the well wishes.
      If you have more questions please feel free. I may not have the answers, but I can try to find out.



  4. hey wendy, how are u now? hope ur doing well. Anyways, Did the procedure work? do u feel like a lot better now? and was it really really painful when the doctor stick those needles in for u? because it looks like pain, ouch! :/ and did u start off having orange leaking from ur nose? hope u’ll answer soon. xo 🙂 take care :p


    1. Hello iman,
      The procedure didn’t really hurt. I was given lidocaine at each injection site to numb it…if it hurt they gave me more. My doctor does not want her patients to hurt. It is a bit uncomfortable, mostly because you lie on your face for so long, and can’t talk. (talk when I get nervous)
      I did not have an orange liquid come from my nose. CSF is clear…but I didn’t have it leak from my nose.
      I did feel much better for a while…4 months were bliss….but unfortunately for me, it didn’t last. I ended up having high pressure and kept “blowing out” and causing moments of low pressure….that’s when I had bad symptoms and they checked it and I was low with leaks. I’m on a medication for the high pressure now. Unfortunately, this procedure didn’t help many of my symptoms. They lessened them (I was having symptoms like I had a brain tumor) But the Meniere’s is still there, I lost my hearing in my left ear, and am almost deaf in my right. I got a cochlear implant in July…it is a wonder. I’m still having migraines, and I have vertigo with them. I will be getting Botox on Oct. 3rd to hopefully help.
      I hope that answered your questions. Sorry I don’t have better news about it working for me….but I do know that I was only one of 2 in the study that got no relief from their Meniere’s with this.

      good luck


  5. oh, hey wendy. its me again. thx 4 the reply. so it usually does work right?? but it did not work that much on u if im not mistaken?? and r u constantly going in and out of the hospital? do u know anyone else with a CSF leak and is 100% totally cured now n they dont have 2 worry about anything? hope u reply very soon, thx 🙂


    1. iman, I’m sorry but I don’t know anyone else with CSF leaks. From what I understand it normally works….sometimes they have to do it more than once, they may miss one, or didn’t old. Every procedure is out patient. It’s done under a local. I was never put under. I had a very good and respected doctor at Duke, and trust her very much. The reason it didn’t work for me is because my leaks were being caused because I have high CSF and kept blowing out…causing leaks. Now that the high CSF is under control, the symptoms from that are under control.

      This is not the only issue I deal with, so there are a lot of other factors involved with me.

      hope this helps. wendy


  6. oh, ok. were u born with csf, or did u get into an accident or did it just suddenly come? oh and n thats very good 2 hear from u. hope everything is good 4 u n turning out well. U seem like a very nice person n i pray 4 u. u must seem strong. anyways, r there any exercises or food 2 improve csf? oh and got any advice for me or others?? btw, hope im not annoying u with tons of questions. well, hope u reply soon, 🙂


    1. iman, Well, everyone is born with CSF. : ) They don’t know what caused mine to change to an abnormal level. I don’t know about exercises or food to improve an abnormal CSF condition. But I’m not a professional or anything, I can only tell you what happened to me.

      I do have a lot of things going on, but I’m happy with my life even with the limitations. Of course, some days are better than others, but it was that way before I got sick. : ) I don’t think about “what if” nor do I mourn my previous life. I make the most of what I have…as often as I can. I have a loving husband that helps me a lot….not only physically but mentally as well. I’ve met many loving people since this started, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I think I like myself more now than I used to. So all in all, yes I have a long list of chronic illnesses, but they don’t define who I am.

      I hope you find help. Finding the best doctors and being your own best advocate is essential.


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