WordPress is driving me crazy!

My last post took me 3 days to complete because I could not get it formatted correctly.  It still won’t do what I’ve asked it to, but I just gave up.

If you look at that post you can tell where there should be line breaks and there isn’t.  I kept putting them in there, but every time I would save it and publish the post they were gone.

I also tried to put the title of each recipe in a color so you could see them easier…but no it wouldn’t have any of that either.  At one point it completed unformatted the whole post and took away all the links.

My old blog is with Blogger, I changed to WordPress because you can leave your email address on a post and no one will see it except the administrator.  This is very nice, especially if you ever do any giveaways.

I also like how they keep up with the stats of how many times a page is read and such things like that.

Those are the only 2 things I’ve found that I like about WordPress over Blogger.

Anyone else out there have this much trouble with WordPress?


One thought on “WordPress is driving me crazy!

  1. Chrissy

    Wendy, just as an FYI, Blogger has a page view widget (counter) you can use on it. I’ve put them on both of my blogs. I just found them recently so they may be a fairly new addition. I know it’s hard enough sometimes writing out a blog, it’s no fun when it doesn’t want to work with you.


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