Ups and Downs of the Weekend

Saturday was an ok day for me.  I had a bad attitude, but other than that, I was able to go out to lunch with my husband, and run some errands.  We even ordered our little Organic Turkey Breast from Earth Fare, for Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty proud of myself that I really think I can pull off having a Thanksgiving dinner without getting off the couch.  More about that in my next post.

Me and Sandy

Sunday, was not a good day.  I know it was because I couldn’t sleep Saturday night so I was all out of whack on Sunday, but knowing why, and having it happen, really doesn’t help that much does it?  I didn’t get to sleep until after 4:30am.  Then my dear dog woke me up around 11am.  She really doesn’t bother me much, she usually goes to Stuart for everything when I’m asleep because he will wake up and give her things, I often don’t even hear her.  However, I was sleeping a little too late for her, and she decided she had to check on me.  She cuddled up right at my face, she was so cute, but I really wasn’t awake enough to get up.  But I did anyway.  Straight to the couch.

My hubby made me breakfast, but I was still hungry.  But I was also very dizzy.  He said he was going upstairs to take a shower, so I decided to go upstairs too, just in case something happened he would be able to hear me.  I ended up crawling up the stairs, and hobbling to the bed with much help from Stuart.  I took a Valium and Phenergan.  After about 20mins, I still felt bad, so I used a Phenergan suppository too.

I was so sleepy, but every time I closed my eyes the world would start to spin.  Does anyone else ever have that happen when you are really tired?  I don’t feel well even with my eyes open, but at least the world isn’t going round and round, then as soon as I close my eyes I feel like everything is moving.  It’s hard….I’m so sleepy yet I’m afraid to close my eyes.

I was still hungry though, if I’m hungry my symptoms get worse.  So Stuart brought me half of a sweet potato.  It helped.  He then left to start grilling chicken.  I had left over Wild Rice Blend I’d made in the crock pot the day before, and I made a pot of black beans over night on Saturday night.  We also had broccoli we bought the day before.  It was starting to smell very good downstairs, but thankfully, I dozed off.  And slept for a couple of hours.

So, the great lunch my darling husband was making, became my dinner.  It was very good.  I was feeling much better, but I was still suffering from some pretty serious disequilibrium.

Today, the disequilibrium is still there, but I am hearing better out of my left ear than I have in months.  What’s up with that?  I even did without my amplifier when Stuart and I were having a chat over lunch.  That was nice.

My hearing is still pretty tinny, and it’s not picking up all frequencies just right, but I can understand what my husband is saying.  I love that.


2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs of the Weekend

  1. deb

    What a cute picture! It sure is nice to have a dog that understands 🙂 Our’s is still a puppy of only 6 months but he already “gets it” when I am not feeling well.
    I too get dizzy when I am tired and when I close my eyes it is worse. Bed spins. It’s really bad during a full out attack…I am so tired from being sick but I can’t close my eyes. It’s torture! After using the Meniett the vertigo hasn’t been bad but today was a really dizzy, blurry, foggy, slosh head day. I will make sure I take some good sleeping meds tonight. I am afraid of that Ativan, but I am more afraid of the vertigo that comes with lack of sleep!


    1. Deb, It’s always reassuring to me when I hear that other people have the same thing happen to them during all of this. I agree, during a full out attack, it’s so much worse if I close my eyes. But when I’m tired, it’s confusing, because I can see pretty straight with my eyes open, but if I close them I feel like I’m going to barf. It’s awful. I always try to look at something straight when I feel dizzy. Like where the wall meets the ceiling, that straight line, it helps me keep my focus straight. And when that is straight then I think things are calming down and I can rest, but then I’m too tired, if I close my eyes, it all goes crazy.

      I’ve read about the Meniett device, but I’ve never seen one. I’m glad to hear that yours works.

      Thank you for all your comments. It’s encouragement like yours that makes me have more good attitude days than bad.


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