Not a great start…

I have a fever today.  Not enough to worry about an infection or anything from the colonoscopy I had yesterday, but enough to make me feel very icky.

So I’m not saying this is day one.  Day one will be the day I start the elimination diet.  However, I am going to attempt to incorporate more exercise in my life every day.  Today, I will at least do some stretching, since I don’t feel well I don’t think a lot of exercise would be a good idea.

I’m finding myself hungry a lot lately.  Nearly every time I eat I end up in the bathroom, you would think that would discourage me from eating, but I get so hungry.  I’ve decided to start eating small amounts more often to see if that works.

I just ordered the book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, I’ve been reading the authors’ blog and I think that the elimination diet in the book may be very helpful to me.  As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I would prefer to eat whole foods as much as possible.  Nothing can beat home-made food made from the freshest ingredients.

The book should be here some time between October 26 – 30.  I can really get started on trying to figure out what I’m having trouble with at that time.  I downloaded the list of things you can eat on phase one and I think I’ll try to start eating mostly these foods even before the book arrives.  The elimination diet actually starts with a 2 day green smoothie detox, however after my extreme cleanse for my colonoscopy I may not do this part.  I don’t really like green smoothies, I’d much rather just eat the greens.  I’m sure the smoothies are so you can digest the greens easier, but the taste of the greens and fruit mixed just doesn’t hit my taste buds right.

So there’s the plan so far.


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