Summary of Stuff about my Site for the Year … and WordPress This button.

I was looking at my Stats page, and found some interesting things.

The search term that lead people to my blog most often is, not surprisingly, Meniere’s Disease, but a funny thing…the term “applesauce” or “apple sauce” brought in 61 viewers.  Today I had 2 viewers find me when they searched for “funny treehouse”  I’m sure these people were disappointed.

I’ve had 14,311 views…with 1,069 published comments which is about half as many Spam comments that were caught and never published.  (some of these were hilarious!  I should share some one day.)

This will be my 211th post.

It says my busiest day was Oct. 22, 2011 with 110 views.  I thought it was funny since, I did not have a new post that day.

This month I had over 1000 more views than I did in February.  (that’s a good sign, I guess)

I have 44 followers through WordPress, or email subscribers.  (I don’t know how to find out if people are following through something else.)  I know some people really strive for more and more readers.  I just want readers who will get something from my blog.  Learn a bit about certain illnesses, get a little support, perhaps find a friend….that makes blogging worth it for me, not the number of followers I have.

Did you know if you use WordPress – people can RE-POST your Post without your permission!

Wordpress This is a button, that has this logo and the word This behind it...beware of it.

Now about something I found out today that I don’t like.  The WordPress This Button.  If you have Share buttons at the bottom of your posts so people can share a link to your post on Twitter, ect…  Wordpress has added this little button that looks like the WordPress “W” and the word “This” after it.  This allows people to Repost your Post on their WordPress blog without your permission.  I just had my Dark Days…post reposted on a weightloss blog, does that  make any sense?  And I have no power to have them remove it.  I tried to contact WordPress support but they are closed until the 2nd.

You can change the setting for this on your Dashboard, under Settings – Sharing.  I changed it so this button does not appear on my blog any longer.

Would this bother you?  Or is it just me?

I have a whole list of things I want to accomplish in 2012 – I’ll probably share them with you tomorrow.  

Happy New Years to all!!  Cheers!