What I love about the holidays during COVID-19

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

As much as I love most things about the holidays, the stress is not one of them, and oh, how stressful they can be. This year, it’s different.

Having multiple chronic illnesses that have kind of ravaged me lately, I’m thankful this year the holidays mean no stress…or as little as can be.

There’s one person (or maybe two) that I always have to see during the holidays that I’d prefer not to spend time with. This year is different, I don’t have to. When we were asked what the plans were for the holidays, it was nice to say that we are isolating. (With the number of COVID cases rising each day, why would anyone risk getting together? I don’t get it. I’d rather have my loved ones alive and well so we can get together when it’s safe.)

I don’t have to get upset if I’m not invited to parties.

On the other side, when I am invited to a party, I don’t have to worry I won’t be able to go, or might get sick while I’m there.

I don’t have to decorate my house for drop in guests.

I don’t have to feel bad when I can’t host a dinner…no matter how much I’d like to.

This year it will be quiet. I still feel like I need to make nice meals, and cookies, and…. But I don’t have to, and if I don’t, no one will know.

I can just sit back and watch Christmas shows on TV, sing carols out of tune, and eat Chinese take-out if I want.

Okay, the first two, yeah, that will get done, but the Chinese take-out might not. We’ll probably have Dad over for a social distance meal on Christmas, but who knows. Maybe not. It’s a no stress holiday after all.

Remember, we aren’t STUCK at home, we are SAFE at home….and so are our loved ones.

Merry Christmas!


10 thoughts on “What I love about the holidays during COVID-19

  1. Dorothy Murphey


    Love your email. We’re doing the same this year. No party to go to and we’re not having anyone over. We do have our house decorated with a couple of things so it does look nice.

    We will have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fir the two of us.

    We will be zoom with Scott, Kim and the grand daughter’s for sure. Other that that it will be very quiet.

    Merry Christmas to you both. Zia Dot

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  2. Yeaaaaah, buddy! I will be using ‘the holidays’ as an excuse to drink weird adult beverage concoctions. I might even make some cookies for the same seasonal reason but, really, it’s just an excuse for me to be an asocial glutton. 😀

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  3. Well said!
    Social isolating is what I’ve done for years — not because I’m contagious, but rather, as you point out, chronic illness/chronic pain forces a sort of self-isolating. We get used to being housebound and storm stayed.
    Our house is too small for people to “drop in” or be invited over, lol.
    Other than giving presents to others, sending cards and this year, giving back to the community as a volunteer, we don’t really “do” Christmas, anyway.
    We decorated the landlady’s house which is on the front of the property. Out shoveling recently, a woman walked by and said “Thank you, the decorated spruce makes me smile.” I said, “Thank you — you’ve just made me smile, too.”
    Wishing you health, happiness and hope — here’s to a new and improved year in 2021.

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