Mindfulness Monday – Travel


“Everything I was I carry with me.

Everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”

~ Majian


“Wherever you go

There you are”

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn


“We travel,

Some of us forever,

To seek other states,

Other lives, other souls.”

~ Anais Nin



* Photos are from the road traveling from North Carolina to Arizona, We aren’t there yet, we’re in New Mexico should be in Tucson this afternoon.

Safe travels.


9 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday – Travel

  1. I love these! The first quote by Majian is wonderful, as are those photos – looks so peaceful, open and inviting. Quite a stark change to the crowded roads I tend to travel on.
    Hopefully you’ll be in Tuscon now… Enjoy the trip and safe travels! 🙂

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    1. Hi Carly!
      I’m doing okay. Some hiccups during the move, but it’s all sorting out.
      I should be able to post about it all soon, now that I can type again…I’ll tell about that.
      I have more photos! Will post soon.
      How are you? How did the school year go? Has the surgery been successful? I honestly can’t imagine navigating a medical system where they don’t speak my dominant language. You’re amazing, really.
      Love from the Southwest

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      1. Hello Wendy. Glad the move is going well. I’ll look forward to seeing more photos. I am good thank you. Well, I still can’t breathe through my nose and ears and other issues are the same, but I have just completed a year at work and began my summer holidays yesterday 😀 I am currently sitting on a roof top apartment terrace in Granada with a view of the city, so all is well at the moment! Hope you are well also. Love from Andalucia! Carly

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        1. It sounds like your holiday is off to a good start. 💃😘 I hate you still can’t breathe through your nose I was hoping they could at least fix that. 😕
          I’m doing okay. Migraines have been worse lately, but I’m surviving.
          Celebrating my birthday weekend don’t have time for a stinking migraine. 😉
          Enjoy your holiday! xo w

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