Mindfulness Monday – Self Love



“Maybe the reason nothing seems to be ‘fixing you’
is because you’re not broken.
Let today be the day you
stop living within the confines
of how others define or judge you.
You have a unique beauty and purpose;
live accordingly.”

~ Steve Maraboli

“Be nice to yourself.
It’s hard to be happy when someone
is mean to you all the time.”

~ Christine Arylo

“View your life with kindsight.
Stop beating yourself up
about things from your past.
Instead of slapping your forehead and asking,
‘What was I thinking,’
breathe and ask yourself the kinder question,
‘What was I learning?'”

~ Karen Salmnsohn

Always remember, you are doing the best you can; be gentle with yourself.

**self portrait by W. Holcombe. Please do not use without permission.





12 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday – Self Love

    1. Yes my dear, it does take practice.
      Advice….well that’s a hard one.
      The one thing I found that helps me is to step back and ask myself “would I talk to a friend like this?”
      Heck, would I talk to anyone like that? The answer is often “No”.
      Then I try to talk to myself like I would a good friend. After all, I should be my own friend.
      So when you are beating yourself up, start talking to yourself as if you were talking to me. Show yourself the compassion you would give me.
      You are worthy.
      You are loved.

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    1. When I read the first quote I thought of you. You are not broken. The pieces are all there. You don’t need to be fixed. You are perfect just as you are. You are my dear, dear friend, and I love you. xo


  1. “Be nice to yourself.
    It’s hard to be happy when someone
    is mean to you all the time.” ..So true!
    When I am not feeling good about myself, it’s very difficult to be happy with anything in my life…
    I have to work on this…
    Thank you for sharing Wendy…and for your beautiful picture with the lotus flower ❤

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