Endolymphathic Sac Surgery Update…day 17

Today, we washed my hair!  Wow, a bit of an ordeal, but it was worth it!  I’m glad I have dry hair, but even my hair was beginning to get a bit gross after 17 days of not being washed!   (I can hear the collective…”Ewwww” from all of you right now!)  I did use a bit of the dry shampoo, but it didn’t work that great, it’s hard to use on long hair.

I wish I would have had one of these…in my size.

Now this would have kept the water away from my ear!! image from lulusoso.com


Recovery from the Endolymphatic surgery is still progressing, things are starting to itch!  So it must be healing, right?  and the little bit of hair they shaved is all prickly, it feels funny…and itches too.
I see my doc on Tuesday, so I’ll have a better update then.
Strangest thing, recently…past few days, I’ve been able to hear more.  I had a headache and decided to sleep early the other day, I kept hearing this sound..thought it was tinnitus, but it was so strange, so I put in my hearing aid to see, and found out I was hearing the TV, very low, but still I could hear it!  So I took my hearing aid out and got hubby to talked to me, I heard it!  Yes, very muffled, but I heard it with my left ear, the one they just operated on, the one with 0% word recognition the end of November.  Again, today, I took my hearing aid out of my right ear and could hear people talking, could understand…they were very close to me and have a good frequency for me…but I heard it!  I’m flabbergasted.  I know it could just be fluctuating again, but it’s strange.
The surgery on this ear has been so different from the surgery on the right ear.  With the Rt. ear…no vertigo, a lot of pain, ear would drain a fluid (not bloody) but a lot of fluid,  hearing dropped and never came back but stabilized so hearing aid helps a lot.  Left ear… much vertigo, not a lot of pain, ear is draining blood (not large amounts most of the time, but blood not that clear fluid), and hearing seems to be improving.

I’ve realized that when we go in for surgery and ask the doctor what to expect, he can’t know for sure.  Every person is different, and every surgery is different.  I had the same surgery by the same surgeon on both ears, and the recovery was as different as could be!  

I do hope they both have a high results rate!  I really want to stop spinning multiple times a week…ummm day!

Vertigo bad!  Standing, walking, washing hair…Good!

a great milestone today.  (must make note, have to remember how important each little accomplishment is.)

Do you ever feel like you have accepted everything, are doing well, being productive….ect.  Then have a dream of what you were like in your old life?  That happened to me last night.  I’ve been a bit melancholy all day.  Next Post…I’ll tell you about it.  Warning, it will be another T.M.I. post.  Sex will be included.)    

For now…

Here’s to clean hair!!


9 thoughts on “Endolymphathic Sac Surgery Update…day 17

  1. Thanks for your comment on my PFAM blog. I just got a chance to come over here and see yours. Wow! Your surgery journey is pretty incredible– glad to hear (literally) about the milestones. 🙂

    And yes, I often have dreams where I’m dancing, usually in pointe shoes. And I’m doing it flawlessly and painlessly. It’s the painless part that makes me realize it’s a dream!


    1. Megan, thank you for coming by. yes, this surgery has been a journey. I’m so glad I decided to really keep track of it this time. I have small notes from the first time, but most is from memory. Mostly I remember how much it hurt for months. This one…not much pain at all! Yay!

      Every little step for me lately is a milestone. I hope there will be many many more.

      thanks again, wendy


  2. I am smiling, ear to ear, one ear with no hearing of my own. I am trembling with excitement for you, my friend. What a wonderful day you have had! I continue praying for your continued hearing and clean hair and no not “EWWW” because I am sure we have been in the dirty hair division at one time or another. Baby powder helps in a pinch…..Wow, to hear good news is to feel it. I don’t expect good news for myself but when I hear good news for others, people I care about, it makes it all worthwhile. Here’s to clean hair AND HEARING. Hugs, Laurie


    1. My dear friend Laurie, I didn’t know you had no hearing in one ear. When did this happen? are you helped with a hearing aid or anything?

      I’m not sure my hearing improvement will last. To tell the truth I will be surprised if it does. I have resigned myself to having to have a cochlear implant, so if this stays, I’ll be relieved, but also very surprised. However, I think it will be healthy for me to always have it in the back of my head that it may not last. (make sense?)

      I think it is horrible that you no longer expect to hear any good news. Well, I guess I don’t expect it myself…as I tell Stuart…hope for the best, expect the worst. But I don’t think I really expect the absolute worst.

      I do hope you will feel better when your house is back in order, and you feel at home again. and I hope some day to meet you face to face. you are just so lovely.

      hugs…always hugs…and healing karma sent to you. love wendy


    1. AHHHHHHHHHH! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Honestly it wasn’t that gross, I went to an apt on Thursday, had my hair down, and told my therapist how long it’d been since I washed my hair and her jaw dropped. She was amazed. My scalp gets a bit itchy, but my hair usually looks clean, for a very long time! (it’s so dry I only wash it once a week anyway, and often put coconut oil on the ends to help them a bit.

      You always make me laugh! w


  3. This really sounds like good news and can hardly wait to hear what the doctor says. 🙂

    I noticed that I am occasionally very healthy in my dreams and think of it like I do the dreams where I still smoke (and I am always telling somebody how much I have cut back), even though I quit in December of 1989–LOL! Dreams are where we can do things we can’t in real life…oh, like flying, too! 😉

    Many of my dreams are what I call pain dreams where I have incorporated my current pain (and exhaustion) into some scenario or another. I am aware on some level that that is what they are because I am calm and not freaked out while I am dreaming about somebody slicing me with knives, or some huge bug with pinchers has bitten into me, or a snake, etc. Funny how the brain works.

    So I am quite relieved when I dream I am my old healthy self from years ago and I can run and lift things and do anything I used to do. Like a mini-vacation dream–ROFL!! Everybody needs a break now and again. 😉 You were probably really in need of a break after waiting 17 days just to wash your hair, lady. Enjoy! Do some more dreaming! 🙂


  4. I’m so jealous. After a couple of days my hair gets oily, still. I thought and hoped it would stop doing that as I got older but no. 3 or 4 days is the most I can go.

    Looking forward to hearing how the appointment went.


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